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Timo Rantala

Timonhouse Ltd

Timo Rantala

Some recent projects and innovations by Timo Rantala while working for previous employers



Asset and development company for elderly service houses

Established and innovated by me at 2007, this company has now (June 2019) grown to following numbers: 27 localities around Finland, 37 service houses and 1850 habitants.


non-UCITS FUND for Properties

This was the first Finnish non-UCITS FUND to invest purely to asset classes other than residential. Hardest part was to innovate solutions to make it liquid (every 3 months) to investors for office and retail premisies are not that fast to sell with good price. Funds size today (Q1 2019) is about 333 million euros with 34 properties.

Property Development Fund

We created an on-going development fund for a limited amount of investors. The idea is to have development projects going on all the time in different stages, keep them a short time and look for the best possibility to disinvest.


non-UCITS Fund for Building Plots

First Fund in Finland to invest other than residential building plots. Long 50 to 100 year lease contracts secured with the valuable buildings on them. Uses also leverage. Capital raised more than 73 million euros in 1,5 years.


Shopping Centres Fund

Two institutional investors and good shopping centre management company started to invest and work together with on-going fund to invest shopping centres and retail in Finland. Fund was established 2007 and continues it´s work with the assets of about 150 million euros.


Property Development company

Founded for to achieve extra value to the investors. Easy way to invest in properties is to pay highest price or to buy properties no one wants. More profitable way is to create them yourself.


Fund for Baltic market

Together with the biggest construction company in Finland we studied the Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) property market, mostly residential. And there was no one to invest to complete residential buildings.


Joint Ventures

With a good track record, built trust and good network to find excellent development projects we created several Joint Ventures to develop and manage different properties/MRECS in Finland.


Development projects

I have been involved with a numerous amount of projects during my long career. Those include offices, small and huge shopping/retail premisies/centres, residential properties, hospitality projects like hotels and resorts and logistics and industríal properties.