Timonhouse Ltd

Timo Rantala

Timonhouse Ltd

Timo Rantala

Investments to Scandinavia and Baltics


• scaling the market and possibilities

• act as your local expertice

• all property asset classes and all vehicles

Is this a good investment, is there any upside, what are the risks?

Let us do the first check out, stage 1. Long experience compined with a good study and database gives you more information than just seller´s Investment Memorandum and professional DD´s.

We can look out direct properties, development projects, different Funds or Reits and listed or unlisted property companies.


Need a partner, a joint venture project?


Are you interested in to invest in a Joint Venture projects? A good Joint Venture -project needs a local partner who also act as an investor. And of course, a good project!

We look for the possible projects all the time and we have a strong network of developers and Joint Venture Investors.


Teamwork with the professionals is the key to success

Usually the best way to work is together. Strategic planning needs different experiences inside the organisation as well as from outside the organisation. So do all the good projects.


What should I do next year?

Market could go anywhere and so could the fundaments in our business environment. What are the overpriced assets next year, where lies the possibilities? Rental environment, financing possibilities... We can help you with your strategic planning for next year. 


Where to find real talents?

With a long experience and a wide network, especially in Finland, I believe I can find you the right people into the right places - or the partners to co-work with you. Don´t spend your time with the applicants you don´t know!

Our partner is Jaakko Lehto Executive Search Oy in Finland, a Glasford International Partner.


Or just innovate a new product?

Working with the property industry professionals, spending time with institutional and private investors, knowing the needs of end-users, understanding the possibilities of law, finance market, developing and constuction etc. has given us an overall understanding of the business - and with a bit of innovation and looking out of the box - vola - maybe we just sailed to the Blue Ocean!


Global experience - local networks